Hello, I'm Rose Coates an ACE Health Coach, RRCA Running Coach, Master Life Coach and owner of Sporty Diva LLC. Being a connector….motivator….communicator and maximizer I created this site to provide inspiration, resources, and to help people build and live healthier lives and to promote health and wellness thru walk/run events and meetups with a philanthropic/pay it forward mission.

April 23, 2012 on the Today Show discussing Joy Bauer's Joy Fit Club Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration-Joy's brand new book!  I had a great time along with Gregg McBride and Jamie Francisco.  This is an exceptionally well written book that will inspire people- the nation to revamp our lifestyles by getting off the couch, getting to the grocery store and to cook our meals. And to definitely hit the gym!! I literally carried this book with me everywhere I went for three full days until I finished reading it. The stories are about real people that kept working at trying to lose their weight until they "got their it"!  Mind blowing success stories. The impressive recipes and meal plans are a terrific bonus. This book has an unforgettable wow factor.


When I was a teenager, my weight fluctuated between 180-190 pounds while I alternated between starving myself and binging.  I ate just because-whether I was sad, happy, angry, stressed or bored.  By the time I was 20, I was married and had a daughter.  My weight soared to 300 pounds.  Finally my husband gently suggested that I go to the gym.  I began working out at an all women's facility and three years later my family and I joined our local YMCA.


Although I was working out on a regular basis, I would lose weight and gain it back again once I returned to my old eating habits.


In March 2002, I tossed out my scale and did some soul searching about the reasons that led to my uncontrollable eating.  I did not change what I ate, but I cut back on the amount of food that I was eating and eventually scaled back on dining out.

In January 2003, I began to educate myself about nutrition.  I kept a food log to track my daily food intake and kept my calorie consumption around 3,000 calories.

I fine tuned my cardiovascular routine to include weight training, running, stair stepping, rowing and biking.


When I weighed myself on my birthday-September 2003, I had lost a whopping 100 pounds!!  I eventually lost 10 more thru additional efforts.


I continue to listen to my body's request for fuel/nutrition and take an intuitive/instinctive approach to nutrition and fitness.


I am pumped about life and no longer use food to solve my problems. 

A principle I live by:  I do not accept negativity.  I've pushed the reset button and left past failures and disappointments behind.   I simply refuse to  look backwards.


Self acceptance and responsibility for my health are at the top of my list each and every day. 


I run to be focused, strong, healthy, positive and to reach my goals.  Running is about putting one foot in front of the other..... it doesn't matter how fast or slow I go so long as I go.....it's about believing in myself and others.......running helps me to face the world with a positive attitude and arms wide open to embrace whatever comes my way.  It is about keeping the faith and believing  in the power of believing. 


My goal....vision....dream....wish and prayer is to continue to reach folks with my personal story and to help motivate people to pursue a healthier and active lifestyle.  And to show that perfection doesn't exist but thru trial and error they can get whatever their "it" is.


My life isn't about having it all or doing it all. I'll take what I have and enjoy it, BUT you better believe I will also push the envelope into my next adventure. Pushing straight thru to boom shaaakkkka laaaakkkka honey boom!!! Let's get up, get busy and do this thing called life.

All my best in movement, health, spirit and celebration,


Rosie Rose Coates..... The Sporty Diva







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