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Have you ever woke up one morning or walked past a mirror and looked at yourself and thought "what the hell happened"?????


That was me on June 1, 2014  when I stepped on the scale and asked myself that very question because I was out of my "normal" weight range (195-200).


I figured it must have been wrong and I told myself that  it was because the scale was 10 years old.


I went out and purchased a scale the next day and the new scale read the same- 207(WTF).


I'd weighed 300 pounds for quite a few years.  Fourteen to be exact.  However, I went on to  successfully lose 110 pounds and was able to and maintain the loss from 2003-2014.


I was an expert on what worked for me ........exercising and semi-sound nutrition....but apparently I missed some key things in the last few years such as STOP EATING SO MUCH!


I'd had  lengthy discussions with friends about why we gain weight once reaching a certain age....hormones......stress.....lack of exercise.....eating to much.  Any and everything sounded like the RIGHT answer.


Fast forward another year and my weight was at 213.   Something MUST be wronger than wrong right?



On January 29th my scale was at 232! 


I occasionally and affectionately refer to myself as  "the 50 year old sexy hot mess from the Pacific Northwest that's trying to get her ish together!"


Well, today I  have decided enough is enough with the weight gain and  I am seriously facing the fact that what worked for me 5-10 years ago is definitely not working for me right now.


So when my friend Christine told me about a challenge that she was doing and asked me to join, I accepted.  I find the group to be a perfect fit for me because of the encouragement and support.  It's also pretty awesome to know that others are doing the same thing as me.


I am on a mission to lose my "ExtraDivafied Sexy Hot Mess" pounds and I invite ya'all to follow along.  Or if  you would like to join me on this journey and start living a healthier lifestyle too, send me an email or give me a call.  I’d love to hear from you.


Be well,


Rose Coates   253.380.9075

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