Sporty Diva's  6.5M and 13.1 at The Orting Trail 4.1.18


    "If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run."- John Bingham



Sporty Diva Walk~Run Events are designed to encourage, motivate and inspire the first time athlete and or people who are returning to fitness in a fun, friendly and supportive~non~competitive race environment with a philanthropic/pay it forward mission.


Pay it Forward Mission:  Orting Food Bank


The course  is a flat out and back course that runs along the beautiful Foothills Trail.  Participants will walk and or run out for 3.28 miles (6.55M will run it once and the 13.1 participants will run it twice).


Race Day Schedule:

0830-0855  bib pick up

0900 race begins

Water, soda, juice and snacks will be provided at the start/finish line.


Timing: a timer will be on the table and we will write down everyone's finishing times to post on post race.

I will be there until all of the athletes have crossed the finish line.


All participants will recieve a finisher's medal and goody bag.


This event is limited to 50 participants- no transfers- no refunds. 


Sporty Diva at Orting Trail
401 Washington Ave SE
Orting, WA 98360
***please note that this address is to the Orting Fire Department
 there is a skate park and public parking lot next to the fire department- please park on the public lot-
 there is a small shelter by the trail- that is the start/ finish line and bib pick up.
Restrooms/Honey Bucket- there is one Honey Bucket on the parking lot at the start and one
on a gravel parking lot near the 3.0 mile mark- in addition,  there are restaurants and a Safeway before you 
reach the park if you should need a  bathroom.



5635  Lynn Lofstrom 00:58*

5639  Mimi Brown  00:58*



5601  Alison Brackett  1:15*

5617  Amanda Noel *

5602  Amy Blodgett  1:22

5619  Bev Parnell 1:38*

5604  Cathie Shaughnessy 1:19*

5605  Conni Bentley  1:25

5606  Jacquelin Hooyer  1:23

5607  Kristen Standifer  1:15

5609  Maureen McLain  1:22*

5610  Nicole Guzman  1:05*

5611  Ricard Huntingdale  2:02

5612  Rossana Zemek  1:30

5614  Tami Corey  2:02



5615  Abbey Sheaffer  2:08

5616  Alexis Iniguez  2:09

5618  Ann Davidson 2:13

5620  Bruce Bethel 2:39*

5621  Christy Shelton 1:55

5622  Christine Gibbons  3:29

5623  Crash Morales  1:46*

5626  Gretchen Tapp  2:05*


5628  John Colvard 2:01*

5629  Jules Mann 3:26*

5630  Kendra Hensley  3:06*

5631  Kim Holt 2:58*

5632  Lisa Fisk  2:46*

5633  Lisa Rutland  3:09*


5625  Maggie Breedlove 2:18

5643  Margaret Gorog  2:51*

5608  Marge Bethel 3:14*

5636  Marie Schaff  3:06*

5637  Marisol Iniguez 2:09

5638  Mihaela Mann 3:26


5640  Rebecca Bethard 1:51

5641  Robert Dees 1:50*

5642  Rose Castro  2:15

5644  Sheri Van Veldhouse 3:29*

5645  Stacy Galloway  2:29*

5646  Steve Davidson  2:11*

5648  Vickie Gerrits  3:09*

5659   Maribel Neanover  4:21





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